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AGM 2022

2021 Annual General Meeting Wednesday 1st June 2022

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We had two Board vacancies. Mike Henderson and Sophie Kemsley have both resigned. Katie Begg, Andrew Holden, Brian Kelsey, Laurie McMahon, Anne Salmon &  Tim Stonor are all standing again and are nominated. Harold Goodwin has been nominated as Chair and David Melville as Vice-Chair. There have been no further nominations for officers. 

Trustee nominations are now closed, and we have new nominations from only two: Jackie Davidson and Jane Secker. They are therefore likely to be elected at the AGM. As in previous years, our President will conduct the elections by a show of hands (for and against) unless a procedural motion is moved to require a secret ballot and it achieves a majority.

As there are no resolutions or motions to be debated and voted on and the meeting merely receives and notes the Annual Reports and Accounts, we do not need Proxies. However, the Proxy Form is available if you want to nominate someone to vote on your behalf, use the link above.

Personal statement: Jackie Davidson

I have been a member of the Society for about 20 years. I first started as a museum guide on Saturday mornings, then I moved to work in the VIC and then on to the bookshop, where most of my time is now spent researching the value of books. I am also a member of the IT team.

From 1998 to 2000, I was a trustee for a charity in Medway, where my time was spent calculating the savings to the local government of every job seeker getting work.

I gained a working knowledge of finance and statistics whilst working for the Central Statistical Office and Ministry of Defence.

Although I live in Sittingbourne, I spend a great deal of my time in Faversham and want to help to improve the service that the Society gives to the town.

Nominated by Wendy Clarke

Personal statement: Jane Secker

I have been volunteering for the Faversham Society since February 2020. Prior to that I served as the Secretary of the Bromley Civic Society for 7 years, supporting the work of the Chair, preparing papers for the AGM, running events such as historical walks and updating the website and social media platforms.

I am a Senior Lecturer at a London university specialising in digital education, online learning and developing digital and information literacy skills. Before that I worked for 15 years as a copyright advisor and have a particular interest in the open licensing of cultural heritage and educational resources.

I can offer expertise to the Society in education-related projects, particularly in relation to using new technologies to engage the community. I am an experienced writer and speaker and my first degree was in history. I am also a qualified librarian with strong links to those works in the library and archive sector as well as in higher education. I edited a professional journal for several years and have a solid understanding of publishing, digitisation and copyright issues. Most importantly, I love Faversham and its wonderful people and history and would be honoured to serve on the board.

Nominated by Harold Goodwin

The personal statements of all retiring trustees are available here

Office and Trustee nomination forms for Faversham Society 2022 AGM

2022 AGM Officer Nomination Forms

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2022 AGM Trustee Nomination Forms

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2022 AGM Minutes

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