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Faversham Society Archives

Arthur Percival

Arthur Percival was a resident of Faversham from 1956 to his death in 2014. He was fascinated by the town and it's history. On his death in 2014, he left a massive archive of material to the Faversham Society, which is currently stored at the Faversham Fleur de Lis Museum in Preston Street, Faversham. The archive comprises different types of resources, for example, photographic, digital, and paper records. A small team of volunteers is working through sorting, classifying and digitising as required. https://www.arthurpercivalarchive.co.uk/ 

At present, the Museum’s collections can be divided into the following subject areas:

General social history
c. 5,000 items including items from domestic and personal life, various industries: railways, brewing, explosives, shipbuilding, agriculture (especially hops), as well as wartime/military items.

c. 1,000 items. Large amount of costume from 1900’s. Collection also includes a Polonaise Dress (18th century) and a court dress from the late 19th century

Photographic collection
c. 5,000 photographs, also glass negatives, slides, cameras, magic lantern projectors etc; Crosoer Slides (important collection of hand-coloured lantern slides taken by the Crosoer brothers - extensive photography around Faversham from 1890-1910); also movie archive with some digitized films. Also projectors, inc rare 3-D projector. Work is ongoing to digitise the entire collection and can be viewed on a dedicated website here.

Coins and medals
Large general collection, including locally important explosives medals (awarded following the large explosion in 1916).

Sound and telecommunications
Oral history recordings, old records, audio equipment including a collection of radios, a Strowger telephone exchange (relay driven, still working and connected to the museum’s internal phone and used by visitors), old switchboard.

Local archaeology, but including important material from Faversham Abbey; collection also includes archaeological human remains. To find out go to the FSARG website

Fine art
A mixed collection thematically; framed and unframed works

Decorative art
General items of royal and local memorabilia but includes an important collection of Osborne Ivorex Plaques (manufactured in Faversham)

Maps & Plans
Large collection of maps and plans relating to the Faversham area and its buildings.

Large objects
Georgian Shop Front (moved from the Market Place via America!) in the Garden. Two red telephone boxes.

Archives hold over c.50,000 items:

The Main document archive contains unique documents including wills, deeds and other locally important documents. There are also reference and Ephemera collections.

The smaller Subsidiary doc archives include several local topics such as

  • Anna Essinger and Bunce Court
  • Abbey Street Collection
  • Arden
  • Brewery
  • Brickmaking
  • Church Magazines & Newsletters
  • Cricket
  • Faversham Scouting
  • Faversham Society Papers
  • Faversham Boro archives
  • Gunpowder
  • Huguenot
  • Legal Documents
  • Local Schools
  • Magazines (Local History)
  • Maritime
  • Newspapers
  • Pollocks (Ship builders)
  • Posters
  • Prints and Drawings
  • Railways Archive
  • St Mary of Charity
  • Sheet Music
  • Drawings
  • Magazines (Local History)
  • Newspapers
  • Posters
  • Faversham Maritime Archive
  • Explosives Archive
  • Railways Archive
  • Brick-making Archive
  • Brewery Archive
  • Local Schools Archive
  • Church Magazines and Newsletters
  • Faversham Town Council Minutes
  • Swale Council / KCC Material

Large and varied library of reference texts relating to Kent, Faversham and specific topics/themes reflecting our collections.

Items are available for research by bona-fide students by appointment. Email us at fleurmuseum@favershamsociety.org

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Also open on the first Sunday of each month

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Open on Saturdays only 2pm to 5pm

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