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Pedestrian Crossing Mall/Forbes Road Junction

A group of residents along The Mall wrote to the Society seeking our support for a zebra crossing point to enable primary and secondary school children and others to safely cross at this busy road junction. With further housing development south of Watling Street (the A2) there will be a marked increase in the numbers […]

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Response to Swale's Heritage Strategy

The Society wishes to congratulate SBC for this strategy which has been correctly identified as a priority.  We welcome the additional resources allocated (£250,000) and the new “positive management” approach and commitment.  We particularly welcome the much needed, additional staffing. Enforcement The Society has long been critical of the lack of enforcement by Swale, and […]

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Abbey Fields: Objection

The Faversham Society writes to object to JB Planning Associates Article 13 Application for Planning Permission to develop 180 dwellings, “internal access roads, footpaths, cycleways, open space and landscaping, drainage, utilities and service infrastructure works.” We have the following major concerns • Access The developer’s notice in the newspaper says that “All detailed matters are […]

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EKR KCC/SW/0237/2019 Condition 28 Noise management

The Board of the Faversham Society on 26th November discussed the three conditions for which EKR have made submissions and which are currently the subject of public consultation. The Faversham Society does not have any comments in respect of the following: KCC/SW/0249/2019 Condition 53 Complaints procedure KCC/SW/0248/2019 Condition 47 Landscaping. However, the Society has concerns about […]

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Faversham's Magna Carta

There has been controversy sparked by the report in the Faversham News. We were represented at the meeting about the future of 12 Market Place. There was no discussion about selling the Magna Carta. The Society's view is, to quote William Morris, that “We are only the trustees for those who come after us.” It […]

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Dangers Associated with Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems

This was submitted to the examiners today. I am fully aware that all deadlines for submission have passed, but the submission below is based on an important recent official document relevant to the several references to the 2012 battery fire in Flagstaff Arizona, that have been made throughout the CHSP Examination. The relevant regulator - Arizona Corporation Commission […]

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Cleve Hill Deadline 7 Submission

The Faversham Society supports solar power, along with wind power and other forms of renewable energy. We are accordingly dismayed that hundreds of new houses are being built around Faversham without any sustainable energy provision. The Society supports clean solar. However, the Cleve Hill proposal is for dirty solar: we have major concerns about the […]

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There is a new "boss" at the bottom of Preston Street

Is it a roundabout? No.Is it a traffic island? No.So what is it?It’s there at the bottom of Preston Street. In 2017 the hexagon-shaped traffic island/roundabout/‘thing’ at the bottom of Preston Street looked a mess. No one Tim Stonor spoke to knew what it was for or even when it had been built. Where it […]

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Letter to Paul Carter

15th October 2019 Dear Paul                             FAVERSHAM CREEK BRIDGE – UPDATE # 3 – October 2019 We are writing on behalf of all of the relevant community organisations with a keen interest in the restoration of an opening Bridge across Faversham Creek to thank you for your positive and encouraging update on progress. We are especially […]

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The Need for CHSP in the context of Demand for Solar PV – Addendum

Submission on behalf of the Faversham Society to Open Floor Hearing 3 - for Deadline 5   The Need for CHSP in the context of Demand for Solar PV – Addendum Short Summary According to National Grid data on solar energy requirements CHSP is not needed. This need is already being met by the rapid […]

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