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Historic Swale Fair

The Faversham Society is working with heritage and history groups in Swale and our adjacent districts to promote history and heritage to residents and visitors. There will be a programme of talks and presentationsalongside the stall.  The Fair will beopen to the public and anyone interested in history and archaeology includingthose researching their house, family […]

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Planning guidelines for developers: transport issues

Planning guidelines for developers: Facing up to the transport issues Over the last two years, members of the Faversham Society have observed with increasing concern the proposals for road layout and traffic management submitted by developers in their planning applications for residential developments in the area, and their likely impact on the level of road […]

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Where’s Our Bridge? Report of the Members’ and Guests’ Meeting 22/10/2018

42 people attended including a number of town councillors – one member of the press was also present.   After everyone was invited to give their views and share information - a process which took 90 minutes, it was clear that the meeting had been fully and well informed and that there was unanimity amongst […]

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Regarding Faversham Creek Bridge: Paul Carter

KENT COUNTY COUNCIL  Thursday 18 October 2018 Question by Antony Hook  to Paul Carter, Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Health Reform REGARDING FAVERSHAM CREEK BRIDGE A video recording can be viewed on the KCC Webcast system: https://kent.publici.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/374602 Question by Mr Hook In 2015 Faversham was promised by Kent County Council that if […]

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Gunpowder & Ordnance Wharf

Faversham has a wealth of Gunpowder Heritage with many structures around the town as a reminder of the importance of gunpowder in our history not least Stonebridge Pond, and three museums: the Chart Gunpowder Mill, the Gunpowder Room in the Fleur, the Marsh Works, and the Oare Gunpowder Works.   More than 30 people attended, many members and residents plus […]

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TS Hazard The Town Warehouse

Monday 1st October Faversham Society Members and Guests Meeting Is there potential for a new maritime museum in TS Hazard, the C15th Town Warehouse?  A heritage centre or museum featuring Faversham’s maritime history, trade, the Graveney Boat, and the Cinque Ports. More than 40 people attended, many members and residents plus Canterbury Christ Church University, Faversham Creek […]

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Public Meeting with the Duchy, Monday 15th October at 19:30

The Faversham Society and St Mary of Charity Church are keen that the people of Faversham have an opportunity to hear about plans for the future of our town from the developers and that there can be open public discussions about what is best for Faversham. The open public meeting is in St Mary of Charity Church from […]

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It is often said that a high-speed limit allows fast-moving vehicles to stir up the air and disperse exhaust pollution.  This doesn’t work in urban areas.  Wherever roads are congested, traffic movement is continually interrupted by vehicles turning in and out of side roads, stopping at pedestrian crossings, or parking at the side of the […]

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Faversham's Marine Heritage: Trade and Gunpowder

Faversham Society Heritage Meetings   October 1st TS Hazard - the C15th Town Warehouse October 2nd Ordnance Wharf and Gunpowder Please come along and participate in these roundtable meetings to discuss how best to make the most of this heritage for the future. We want to hear your ideas. On the 1st and 2nd of October have two […]

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Where is our Bridge?

The Board of the Faversham Society has met with the Where's our Bridge? campaign and decided to work with them to ask the question. In 2015 the people of Faversham raised £125,000 to restore our swing bridge. There is a members'and guests meeting about the Swing Bridge in the Fleur Hall at 19:30 on Monday, October 22nd. This is an unticketed […]

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