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Cleve Hill Landscape & Visual Amenity 23 July

The Faversham Society

CHSP Examination

Submission to Issue Specific Hearing on the Landscape and Visual Amenity Matters 23 July 2019

  1. We have a number of concerns about the impact of CHSP on landscape and visual heritage.

  2. We strongly the support the Local Impact Report submitted by Swale Borough Council on Residential Amenity, Cultural Heritage and Tourism and Economy

  3. On the London Array website the developer recognised “rich cultural heritage, with a number of historic structures and listed buildings” of the Cleve Hill area and worked to minimise the visual and environmental impacts. CHSP is quite different.

  4. At the Open Floor Meeting on 16 July we made representations about landscape character and the archaeology, and made the case for a protected Country Park. The population of the town could double to over 40,000 in the next two decades. With the growth in population and consequent urbanisation there will be very significantly greater demand for recreational space.

  5. CHSP will be clearly visible at the entrance to Faversham Creek as boats arrive form London and the European mainland. A Heritage Harbour is being developed in the heart of Faversham to conserve the historic port, the most northerly of the extant Cinque Ports, with the original Town Warehouse (II*) and gunpowder heritage. This is a major cornerstone of the regeneration of the area through tourism and specialist businesses.

  6. We have particular concerns about the Grade 1 listed All Saints Church, Graveney, constructed in Norman times, is mainly 14th century and will  be adversely affected. Graveney Marshes is part of Kent level Area of High Landscape Value and this has recently been endorsed as such for the new Local Plan. Graveney arable lands have been designated moderate condition/sensitivity and Graveney grazing lands as good condition/high sensitivity.  Views from England Coast Path/Saxon Shore Way will suffer major impact. It is also harmful to distant views, including Wraik Hill. The developers have admitted that the significance of the Church will be 'harmed' but claims this is 'less than substantial'. The Faversham Society disagrees.

  7. Graveney Marshes are at the entrance to Faversham Creek and this area has considerable amenity value for Faversham, the marsh provides valuable open space and places to walk and cycle. The loss of amenity land is a serious issue for Faversham,

Professor Harold Goodwin
The Faversham Society

June 27, 2019

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