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Early Georgian

The Faversham Farmers’ Club, the oldest social club in Britain, was founded.

John Wesley first visited Faversham, preaching to a crowd ‘more savage in their behaviour than the wildest [Red] Indians’ he had seen in North America. Nonconformism flowered late in the town, big chapels being built only in the later 19th century.

When it started isn’t known, but by now the town’s second major brewery belonged to Edward Rigden and was known by his name. Later being known as Whitbread Fremlins. It closed in 1991, the fine maltings range later being converted into a supermarket.

Faversham Parish Church’s central tower was demolished, and its Romanesque nave replaced by a Georgian one. Fifty years later, the 1494 bell tower was demolished, to be replaced in 1797 by the present tower and crown spire.

From their origins as small Gunpowder factories along the stream, the Home Gunpowder Works was nationalised by the Government. The Chart Gunpowder Mills dates from this time, the oldest in the world.    

Image taken, with permission, from the Arthur Percival Archives. Galleries | My Site (arthurpercivalarchive.co.uk)

Restored in the 1960s and now looked after by the Faversham Society, you can read more about the Chart Gunpowder Mills and follow the Gunpowder Trail walk: Chart Gunpowder Mills - The Faversham Society

Oare Gunpowder Works is now a Country Park, both a heritage site and nature reserve.  http://www.gunpowderworks.co.uk/

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