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Environment Agency 22nd January deadline for objecting to East Kent Recycling

East Kent Recycling Limited has applied for an environmental permit to expand their operation at Oare. You have until Tuesday 22nd January to comment. As the Environment Agency makes clear concern about increased traffic going to and from the site is not a matter for the Agency, Full details of what the Environment Agency can and cannot take account of is on their site. This is also where you comment

Helen Whately, our MP, has written to the Planning Inspectorate objecting to the expansion on planning grounds. There are some environmental grounds on which you can object, consider objecting about:

  • Noise and odour from the site affecting the neighbours, new housing is planned very close to the EKR plant
  • The site is on the edge of an SSSI, a SPA and RAMSAR area.
  • Noise and dust already emanates for the site disturbing residents, wildlife and the Saxon Shore Way- The new plant is likely to be  much noisier –an enforceable decibel limit should be included in the permit.
  • Many locals have reported seeing discolouration in the lagoon into which the East Kent Recycling plant discharges water
  • Light  pollution from the site, already an issue,  will become a more significant issue if the site  is allowed to operate from 05:00 to 20:00 hours

You may also wish to express concern about how much supervision and inspection the Environment Agency will be able to regularly undertake to ensure compliance with the permit if one is issued.  

January 6, 2019

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