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Ships Rule The World...what they are doing to the ocean, and what the ocean is doing to them

A Talk from the Faversham Creek Trust:

In his last talk at a joint meeting of the Creek Trust and the Faversham Society in April 2018, Chris Wright took a sideways look at ships, touching on their remarkable ability to carry cargo, how they move through the water, and whether they are stable. He finished with an unanswered question about the lives and safety of passengers and crew.

In this second instalment, he will follow up with a wide-ranging look at the world of shipping and enquire into the conditions for the people on board and what ships are doing to the ocean environment – as well as what the ocean is doing to them. What are rogue waves, where do they come from, how fast do they travel, and how are they capable of breaking any cargo vessel in two? Is your holiday cruise likely to be threatened by a tsunami?

Along the way, he’ll touch on some historical, ecological and philosophical issues: how shipping activity threatens some species of whale, even though they’re not being hunted, the strange properties of a fluid vortex, and how consumer goods often finish up in the sea, before concluding with a brief look at how ships are likely to evolve over the next decade.

For further information please contact Griselda Mussett, email griseldacmussett@gmail.com

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