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Faversham Archives

For a small town, Faversham has a remarkably rich collection of accessible archives. The diversity permits research into many people and facets of history from several collections of archive resources. 

Patricia Hyde (1993) Faversham and District Bibliography Primary Sources, Faversham Society

Arthur Percival

Arthur Percival was a resident of Faversham from 1956 to his death in 2014. He was fascinated by the town and it's history. On his death in 2014, he left a massive archive of material to the Faversham Society, which is currently stored at the Faversham Fleur de Lis Museum in Preston Street, Faversham. The archive comprises different types of resources, for example, photographic, digital, and paper records. A small team of volunteers is working through sorting, classifying and digitising as required.

Doddington Library 
The Doddington parish library contains nearly 400 printed books, most dating from 1600s and 1700s but with the oldest printed in 1505. There is a copy of the Geneva Bible of 1560 nicknamed the 'Breeches Bible'. Around 280 of the books were printed in England, the remainder on the continent. The collection was formed in the early 1700s by Daniel Somerscales for use in his work as vicar of Doddington, to which were added some 30 books by John Radcliffe (or Ratcliffe), a Doddington vicar of the early 19th century. more
The pre-1800 holdings of the library can be viewed online on the English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC) of the British Library.
Access is by appointment via the Town Clerk 01795 503286 or louise.bareham@favershamtowncouncil.gov.uk 

Faversham Society 
The collections have been accumulated by The Faversham Society over more than 50 years, mostly through donations from the public, but also through targeted acquisitions and occasional purchases. There is a collection of books and old directories on Faversham and its history and industries and a complete run of Faversham Papers and a selection of books on Kent.

The collection has grown to around 40,000 objects and archival items and now represents the largest and most significant collection of material culture in the Borough of Swale. more

The collection relates to the history and archaeology of Faversham and the surrounding area with particular reference to the local industries of agriculture - especially fruit and hop-picking, brewing, brick making, shipbuilding and explosives manufacture. The collection also includes domestic social history material, a significant collection of photographs, slides, and photographic equipment; telecommunications equipment; and a substantial archive of documentary evidence from varied sources. The Faversham Society Collections Development Policy is available to download here.

The archaeological collection is managed separately by the Faversham Society Archaeological Research Group

Kent County Council Archives

The KCC Archives include a wide variety of material on Faversham 


Police Museum 

They collect and care for a large number of donated artefacts reflecting the rich history of Kent Police from 1857 until the present day and aim to share this very important historical resource with the widest possible audience.
The collections include uniforms and equipment from both the past and present; crime-related artefacts; historical documents and official records, and a large photographic collection. Their current holdings include 10,000 photographs, 5,000 documents and newspaper articles, 1,500 books/journals and 3,000 films. www.kent.police.uk 

Shepherd Neame Shepherd Neame is Britain's oldest brewer - and while 1698 is the Brewery's official founding date, there is clear evidence that its heritage pre-dates even this period. This timeline details the significant events in the Company's history, from the first brewers in Faversham to the arrival of the Shepherd family and the Neames, right up to its current status as a successful, award-winning business. A Faversham native, John Owen is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and chairs The Faversham Historians. He has been researching the brewery’s history for nearly a decade. https://www.shepherdneame.co.uk/brewery/brewery-history

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