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If you love Faversham, join us. We seek to Cherish the Past, Adorn the Present, Create for the Future

Faversham Museums Together

The diverse heritage groups in Faversham have joined together as Faversham Museums Together around the concept of a Heritage Hub to jointly develop a GIS-based platform to present the heritage of the town and that of the Faversham Hundred, reflecting the significance of Faversham’s rural hinterland and the sea.

In addition to the Faversham Society there are the following local heritage groups:

Our ambition is to have a system which projects a map of the town and its environs onto a large table projection screen. The projection will be flexible and we – museums, schools, youth and adult groups – will be able to add to the content and use it for different purposes at different times. As it would be available online it could be used in universities and schools and for tourism promotion. It could also be used for popular planning.

There are seven principal purposes, to:

  1. facilitate the development of an integrated view of Faversham’s history, one which includes history and geography
  2. provide a high-quality educational resource for formal and informal education with adults & children and foster community pride in, and understanding of, Faversham’s history and heritage
  3. connect with the next generation to ensure that our heritage is effectively inherited and valued – that it is perpetuated
  4. provide a resource to attract day excursionists and tourists and contribute to Faversham’s prosperity
  5. reveal Faversham’s links – historical and geographic – in Kent, with London and across the UK and around the world
  6. provide a resource which can be used by ICT students in the two secondary schools in Faversham
  7. provide a resource for popular planning in a way which enables Faversham to grow in a way which adds to its sense of place and maintains what is special about our town

Fleur de Lis Museum

Welcome to an Aladdin’s Cave of treasures drawn from Faversham’s long and colourful past! From our new Reception space you can follow the town’s history from the earliest archaeological times, through its medieval and Elizabethan importance as a trading centre, its subsequent industrial growth, and its more recent change from a bustling hub of Victorian and 20th century work and social life to a high quality heritage tourism destination.

The Museum is located in the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre at 12-13 Preston Street and is open Thursdays from 10-1; Fridays 10-4 and Saturdays 10-1. Entry is currently FREE.

The museum will close on 25th September for reorganisation, refurbishment and repairs. It is scheduled to re-open in Spring 2022.

Click here to download the Museum leaflet

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The Collections & Archives

Like most other museums, the material on display is only a proportion of the Society’s holdings. The Museum’s stores hold a wide range of artefacts, documentary and photographic evidence, as well as a libraries relating to our material and to local history.

Appointments can be made to view material by contacting the Curators’ Office on 01795 590726 or using our online contact form.

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The Gallery

The Fleur Gallery is also located within the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre at 13 Preston Street, is open at the following times:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
Tuesday & Thursday

10am until 4pm
1pm until 4pm
10am until 1pm

The Gallery hosts a changing programme of artistic and historical exhibitions, showcasing work by local artists and schools as well as highlighting specific aspects of our collections e.g. costume exhibitions. There is always something interesting to see with new shows every month – check our News & Events pages for details of current and upcoming shows.

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