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To help defend Britain against invasion, pagan forces from the southern Baltic seaboard arrived in Kent. Those in Kent were mainly Jutes from Jutland. Elsewhere they were mostly Angles and Saxons. Their Anglo-Saxon culture soon spread to most of England.

Hengest, one of the two Jutish leaders, claimed the Kingdom of Kent. According to legend, he acquired it from the indigenous King of Kent, Vortigern, when after a feast at Tong Castle, just beyond Teynham, he married his daughter, Rowena.

Approx. 600-800AD
Over this period a big Jutish cemetery developed in King’s Field, Faversham, between Preston Street, the A2, St Ann’s Road, and Cross Lane. Much fine jewellery was recovered in the 19th century, suggesting that it was a burial-place for the Kings of Kent and their families and retainers. Today it is held in collections around the world, including the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum in New York

Faversham’s name is first recorded. It may already have been in use for many years.

Approx. 940AD
A seagoing Anglo-Saxon vessel was abandoned in tidal waters at Graveney, just east of Faversham. Discovered in 1970 and thought to be unique, her remains have been preserved and are being conserved by the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich.

Our collections: Archaeology | Royal Museums Greenwich (rmg.co.uk)

Approx. 1051
Payments of Danegeld ceased when a Confederation of Cinque Ports was formed, in order to provide England with a fleet to ward off the Danes. Though Faversham was not one of the original five Cinque Ports, it is thought it may have been an associate member from the start. It bred tough, skilled seamen and traded with the nearby Continental ports of Nieuwpoort, Flushing and Antwerp.

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