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Mayors of Faversham 1900 to 1950

Queen Victoria was on the throne until 1901

1900 and 1901 Frederick Austin See also 1903
He was the founder of the Faversham News

Frederick Austin

1902 Jabez Smith See also 1893
Jabez died in 1923 aged 68 and is buried in Faversham cemetery.

Faversham Golf Club was formed. The first links were at Nagden, along the west bank of the creek. These were abandoned in 1910 when the present course at Belmont was laid out.

1903 Frederick Austin See also 1901 and 1902
Frederick led the town's celebrations at the end of the South African War or Boer War (1899 - 1902).

1904 Charles Holmes See also 1891

1905 and 1906 Ebenezer Chambers See also 1897 and 1898
A new police station was built in Church Road, replacing the old one behind Middle Row.  Ebenezer died in 1910.

For the case between James Edward Owen and The Mayor, Burgesses and Borough of Faversham regarding sewage pollution.

Statement of claim | The National Archives

1907 and 1908 Charles Cremer See also 1899

1909 Thomas George Gillett
Thomas was only mayor once and died in 1921.

The first payments of old age pensions were made. In Faversham, there were 239 recipients, the amounts received varying from 5s to 14s a week.

Dr Sidney Robert Alexander
King Edward VII
1901 Edward VII came to the throne, until 1910

King George V

1910 George V came to the throne, until 1936

1910 to 1919 Dr Sidney Robert Alexander
Sir Sidney Alexander was a physician whose record decade as Mayor of Faversham included the years of the First World War.  After the war he was honoured with a knighthood for his municipal and wartime service, by King George V, whose 1911 Coronation he had attended as Faversham Baron of the Cinque Ports. See photo below.

Faversham's first cinema was opened in Tanner Street, the "Empire Picture Hall". 

Faversham Baron of the Cinque Ports

A roller-skating rink was opened in the Brents, it was very popular and local skaters distinguished themselves internationally.

Faversham Territorials and the Faversham Troop had an enthusiastic send off as they left to join the first world war. The long list of names on the war memorial shows how great a toll this took.

A public welcome was given to Captain (later Lieutenant General) Philip Neame, on gaining his Victoria Cross.

The worst disaster in the history of the local explosives industry, over 100 people lost their lives in a TNT explosion. 

Celebrations for the end of the first world war took place throughout the town and a civic welcome was given to repatriated prisoners of war.

On vacating the mayoralty, he presented to the corporation a small replica of the badge on the mayor's chain to be worn by the mayor on informal occasions.

1920 to 1921 Evan Jenkins

1922 to 1924 Zachariah William Shaw
Zachariah was a tailor of Preston Street, bought 62 Newton Road, the childhood home of Sir Henry Batterbee.

He presented a badge to be worn by the mayoress at functions she attended.

The device is a replica of that on the mayor's seal.

1925 to 1926 John William Videan
At the western end of Ospringe Street, excavations revealed an extensive Roman cemetery which produced a large quantity of Roman funerary remains, pottery and other relics. They are on display in the Maison Dieu

1927 Charles Samuel Hawkes
Faversham Farmers Club, believed to be the oldest social club in the country, celebrated its 200th anniversary.

1928 William George Ash

1929 to 1930 John Henry Johnson
Arctic conditions in January and February led to barges being frozen in the mouth of the creek.

1931 to 1932 William Isaac Gould

1933 to 1934 Frederick John Terry

Mayors of Faversham - 1920 to 1950

1935 to 1936 Frederick W T Farrant
He was present at the coronation of George VI in 1937

1937 to 1945 Phil Johnson
Faversham’s second-longest serving mayor, whose nine-year occupancy of the post included the years of the Second World War (1939-45).

He was honoured for his service by being appointed an office of the Order of the British Empire. 

1946 to 1948 Jasper Beale Neame
Jasper was the Shepherd Neame brewery chairman and later, High Sheriff of Kent, in 1955

His second mayoral term was extended to May 1949, after national reform moved mayoral elections from November to May.

1949 to 1950 Harry Knowles
Harry was a greengrocer, and he was awarded the honorary freedom of Faversham.

King Edward VII
January 1936 Edward VIII came to the throne, until December 1936

1936 King George VI came to the throne, until 1952

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