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Organisational Members

The Faversham Society accepts membership applications from organisations who wish to join in support of our aims.

The fee structure for organisational members is as follows:

  • Not-for-profit and charitable organisations: £50 per annum
  • Local businesses based in Faversham and surrounding parishes: £100 per annum
  • National commercial businesses (head office located outside of Faversham area): £500 per annum.

Should you wish to apply for organisational membership of the Society, please email chair@favershamsociety.org

Faversham Society Policy Statement: Organisational Members

In 2020, the Faversham Society opened its membership to organisations that wish to join Society. The Society feels that organisational members can make a valuable contribution to the Society and assist us to achieve our aims.

In order to preserve the purpose and integrity of the Society and to avoid conflicts of interest, the following policy applies to organisational membership of the Society.


Membership of the Society will be open to organisations including charities, CICs, and private and limited companies which support the values and objectives of the Society.

Organisations (must) MAY apply to become a member of the Society. As with applications from private individuals, each individual application from an organisation will be considered by the Faversham Society Board of Trustees before organisational membership is granted or refused.

The Board of Trustees will be guided by the following principles in considering whether organisational membership will be granted:

  1. Whether the organisation supports the values and objectives of the Society.
  2. Whether any risk is posed to the Society by the organisation, reputational or otherwise
  3. Whether any risk is posed by an organisation’s parent or subsidiary companies, if applicable
  4. Whether the organisation or its related organisations have any conflict of interest with the Society and our aims and objectives

If an application is granted, that organisation will become a member of the Society. In relation to membership benefits and rights:

  1. The organisation will be required to designate an individual as their representative to the Society. It is via that representative that all communication will be sent
  2. The organisation will have a single vote at the AGM and in special meetings of the Society
  3. Organisational members will not be able to access wider membership or personal data from the Society
  4. Staff or members or volunteers of member organisations, who are not also individual Faversham Society members, will not receive membership benefits such as museum entry or newsletters directly
  5. The newsletter will be emailed to the organisational member representative only, who will be able to distribute within their own organisation
  6. As with individual membership, the membership fee for Organisational Membership will be set and periodically reviewed by the Board of Trustees
  7. As with individual members, organisational members will be required to declare any conflicts of interest that may arise at any time.

Organisations’ membership will be reviewed annually by the Board of the Faversham Society to ensure membership is still appropriate.

Opening Times

12 Market Place
ME13 7AE
10am to 4pm - Monday to Saturday
10am to 1pm - Sunday (opening hours may vary)

12-13 Preston Street
ME13 8NS
Open Fridays and Saturdays
Open Wednesdays from 3rd April
Special Easter Monday opening

11 Preston Street
ME13 8NS

10am to 3.30pm - Monday to Saturday

Off Stonebridge Way
ME13 7SE

Open on Saturdays only 2pm to 5pm

Registered Charity  Number 1135262 - Company No 07112241
The Faversham Society - Registered Address: 10-13 Preston Street, Faversham, Kent ME13 8NS
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