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Local History Research

From simple enquiries for school projects to serious academic research, The Faversham Society provides an extensive source of information on Faversham and its surrounds.

Evidence associated with our collections, information contained in paper and photographic archives, our map collection, Society publications and our libraries, and – importantly – the knowledge held by our many members, staff and specialists are all available to enquirers.

CONTACT US to make an appointment with the right person to suit your needs

The Society has an Enquiry form which can be completed with as much background information as needed and with your clear Enquiry. No charges are made for this service but a donation would be appreciated.

We may charge for Images. 

Faversham Historians

Formed in 1989, the Group consists of Faversham Society members who are actively working on research into some aspect of the history of the Faversham area and its people. Its aims are twofold: to provide networking opportunities and to encourage the publication of members’ research to the highest level and quality.

The Group and its meeting format are thought to be unique in the UK and it has proved its worth by generating a large amount of published material ranging from short notes in the Society Newsletter, through the production of Faversham Papers, to very substantial and academic hardback books. The outcome of members’ research can also help inform new initiatives, like the restoration of historic buildings and environmental improvement schemes.

If you have any specific area of research and need information or wish to join the Group, send a letter marked ‘Faversham Historians’ to the Society’s Honorary Secretary at The Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre, 10-13 Preston Street, Faversham, Kent ME13 8NS

Faversham Society Archaeological Research Group

Formed in 2004, the Group promotes community archaeology for the people, and by the people. It works to the highest possible professional standards in an area rich in archaeological potential and, whilst large-scale excavations are not undertaken, field-walking, ‘keyhole’ evaluations and smaller digs can be very productive.

Through careful evaluation of selected sites, undertaken with the full co-operation of the owners, our understanding of the development of the area, from prehistoric times to the present day, has advanced substantially. The Group’s recording methods are meticulous and it is scrupulous about publishing authoritative reports as soon as possible on its website where you can also find how to join. You need have no experience of practical archaeology - necessary skills can be acquired from experienced members of the Group and you will have a great time!

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