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John Ward, a Faversham-born seaman, took to piracy and eventually mustered a Mediterranean fleet which was a match for Venice’s, built himself a palace in Tunis, and converted to Islam. Read more about his extraordinary life. Jack Ward - Wikipedia

1642 to 1660 
During the Civil War of 1642 to 1651 and the Commonwealth of 1649 to 1660, Faversham took Oliver Cromwell’s side. Daniel Judd, a London entrepreneur, began enlargements of the Home Gunpowder Works and in 1652 took possession of Syndale from the Dean of Rochester Cathedral and went on to build himself a classical-style country house, now known as Judd Folly.

Charles II visited 23 Court Street, Faversham, to thank the mayor, John Trowts, for the help he had given him while he was in exile in Bruges.

Bubonic plague, spread by fleas infected by rats, hit Faversham as it spread through London, killing 50 townspeople. As the borough council quarantined the town, wheeled traffic was hardly seen and grass grew in the streets.

Monasticon Favershiense, the town’s first local history study, appeared.

Thomas Southouse (1641 – 1676) was one of three notable Faversham historians, alongside Edward Jacob and Edward Crow. He lived at 18 Court Street and was a lawyer and four times mayor of Faversham. 

Skilled Huguenot refugees fleeing persecution in Catholic France further enlarged the Home Gunpowder Works and started a new factory at Davington, known as the Oare Works. For three decades they formed their own Huguenot congregation, using local churches to worship in French.

William III, the Protestant William of Orange, from Holland, ousted the Catholic James II. James was captured by Faversham fishermen, while attempting to escape to the Continent, and brought to the town as a prisoner. Negotiations brought about his release, and soon afterwards he was allowed to leave the country for France.

Richard Marsh founded Faversham Brewery, now run by Shepherd Neame. However, recent research indicates that Marsh bought the freehold of the brewery he had already been running and which had been in continuous operation since at least 1573

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