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If you love Faversham, join us. We seek to Cherish the Past, Adorn the Present, Create for the Future

This Policy Blog is designed to enable us to communicate our work and our policies to a wider audience

The Faversham Society was established in 1962 to preserve the heritage and fabric of the historic town of Faversham and its surrounding parishes. Our Society works to ensure that Faversham’s distinctive sense of place and its outstanding heritage features are not lost for our children and grandchildren. The Society is about to embark on a big conversation with the residents of Faversham, and those who value it as their market town and port, about what heritage means to us and what we wish our grandchildren to inherit.

You can find on the Society’s website details of our work and the facilities we maintain for our town, its residents and for visitors. The Society, run entirely by volunteers, is about heritage, it is about what we value that we inherited from our forebears and what we conserve and create for our grandchildren and their children to inherit. It will only be conserved and inherited if it is valued by future generations.

Our 1000 members receive a monthly newsletter but, until now, we have lacked a means of communicating easily and regularly with those, who whilst not members, care about our built heritage, our natural and cultural heritage. This Chairman’s Blog is designed to enable us to communicate our work and our policies to a wider audience and to be a point of reference for the Society’s position on issues as they arise.

1953 saw the first campaign to save Abbey Street, in 1955 Arden’s House was threatened  with demolition, the Abbey Street Preservation Society was formed in 1960 and the Faversham Society in 1962, in 1972 we bought the Fleur and the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre opened in 1977. The purpose of the Society when it was launched in 1962 was to cherish the past, adorn the present and create the future and that remains our purpose.

Over the years we have worked and campaigned to conserve that part of the past valued by our members and by the wider community, developing it for our children’s children. You can read about some of our campaigns and our work in creating heritage for the future on the Society’s website.

The Society remain actively engaged in maintaining and creating heritage for the future and we know that 2016 will see many debates about the future of our town as it comes under pressure particularly from new housing and the traffic and congestion which comes with it. This Chairman’s Blog will present the Society’s official position on all of those issues affecting our heritage, past, present and future.

If you care about the future of our town and the conservation of our heritage so that it can be enjoyed by future generations then please consider supporting our campaigns and joining our society.

Michael Frohnsdorff

Chairman Faversham Society

January 31, 2016

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