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Up to World War II

Local pubs with bat and trap pitches joined the new Canterbury Bat & Trap league. Going back probably several centuries, the sport resembles cricket and in East Kent remains popular today.

With diminished demand for local oysters, the ancient Faversham Oyster Fishery Company ceased to be a trade collective and became a conventional limited company.

With war clouds looming, the town’s three gunpowder factories closed, their production, many of their staff and some of their machinery transferring to Ardeer in Ayrshire, less vulnerable to enemy bombing attacks.

World War began. Though in 1940 the crucial Battle of Britain took place overhead, the town suffered little physical damage. But, with air raids raging over London, hop pickers flocked down to Kent, feeling that they would be safer in the hop-huts than in their own homes.

Image taken, with permission, from the Arthur Percival Archives. Galleries | My Site (arthurpercivalarchive.co.uk)

The town rallied behind a huge effort to support the Faversham Spitfire Fund.

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